“The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…” Matthew 9:35

Currently we work in Les Cayes, Haiti, a city located on the coast of Haiti near the breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean Sea, roughly 120 miles south west from Port-au-Prince. Although, not directly devastated by the 2010 earthquake, Les Cayes became home to a sudden influx of orphans and displaced people affected by the traumatic, natural disaster.  Laborers With Christ works cooperatively with other ministries, such as the Consolation Center of Haiti and GoServ Global, for the development and sustaining of multiple projects. Projects such as the girls and boys orphanage, which is home to 60+ girls and 30+ boys and the James 1:27 Widows & Infants Project. LWC is cooperatively involved with agricultural and aquaponics projects as well as nutrition and educational instruction. Learn more about other projects on our website here. Learn more about the ministries we work with here.


Map it out.

If you read our posts regularly (bless you!) or have been to Haiti or are planning on coming to Haiti in the future, you’ll read and hear a lot about different projects and locations of where we work. Really, it’s not just “our” work, but work that is shared collaboratively with different organizations and ministries. Consider this your glossary of projects….and a place where you can familiarize yourself with projects. *Pictures are in the process!


Consolation Center of Haiti (aka CCH)

The Consolation Center of Haiti was initially established by Edouard Constant and his wife, when they recognized the need for stable and reliable care for orphans in Haiti. The Consolation Center isn’t just an orphanage, over the years and with the help of other ministries and churches, has expanded into a medical clinic, a dental clinic, a school, and a community center.

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Joshua House

The Joshua House is home to 30+ boys, who come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of stories. These boys have been known to soften and steal the heart of even the burliest man. Bring a soccer ball and some stickers and you’ll make 30+ boys very happy.

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James 1:27 Village

Turn to James 1:27 and you’ll read the reason behind the name of the James Village. The Village is home to widows and orphans, primarily babies. Ranging from newborns to toddlers, the Village is busy with old and new life.

Village of Hope

A large cluster of SafeT Homes and open farmland landscape the Village of Hope, home to families in need. The Village of Hope has a grinder, agriculture projects, a kitchen, and a church.

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Center of Help

Center of Help is an orphanage a few miles from the Consolation Center, stumbled upon by a ministry we work with. The ages of the children range from toddler to teenager. Until the orphanage was discovered, funding was virtually non existent and the children were eating one meal a day. Now, with the help of many ministries and organizations, the Center of Help is able to provide regular meals, beds, and adequate conditions to the orphans that live there.

Bamboula Beach House

The Beach House serves as the Guest House for teams visiting Haiti and is managed by Les and Catherine DeRoos (Zachery’s parents) who live on site. If you’re on a trip to Haiti, most likely you’ll stay at the Beach House. Oh, and it’s right on the beach so it happens to be a beautiful view!