Claudine is the resident “tom-boy” at the Center–rough and tumble but has a beautiful spirit! She is sensitive and shy, but loves to laugh.

Claudine has been at the Center since 2009 and has been a blessed addition to the CCH family. Prior to living at the Center, Claudine lived with her mother and step-father. While most young children Claudine’s age should be playing on playgrounds and attending school, Claudine was given no access to education and was forced to work in the fields from sunup to sundown. The days she missed working in the fields, she also missed out on the opportunity to eat. Meanwhile, she endured physical abuse from her step-father. Like many parents who are poverty stricken, Claudine’s mother allowed her to slip into a restavek situation simply to find food.

By God’s grace, He allowed Eddy and Claudine to cross paths when Eddy showed up at the location where Claudine “worked.” Claudine informed Eddy that she was looking for a place to go, to get away from her owners. Eddy knew of the perfect place and brought her to the Center. Claudine, no longer has to worry about food, working ceaselessly, her owners, to enduring physical abuse. She has access to education, meals, and lots of love!

Please continue to pray for Claudine as she pursues her education at the Center as well as her heart for God.