I know we just posted about Clonard, not long ago. But we’ve had a new addition to the Center and I just couldn’t wait to share about him. His story, though sad, has a happy ending.

Just a few days ago, Jackson was brought to the Center by Human Services. He arrived in the afternoon with just the clothes on his body, a pair of shoes, and a little baseball cap.

He also came with a lot of scars and wounds–his face, under his eyes, his neck, his legs, his arms, his stomach, and especially his back were covered in scratch marks and scars. Some still fresh and in the process of healing. His left arm hurt and was swollen, he wasn’t able to throw a ball with it.

The saddest part about his battle wounds are that they were inflicted by his mother; one of the few people he should have been able to depend on for security, safety, and love.

The most beautiful and amazing thing was that the second he got to the Center he had over a hundred new brothers and sisters, who embraced him and became protective of him. Several of the girls cried when they heard his story and saw his scars.

He’s got some signs of being malnourished–but that should be remedied soon. When he got to the Center, after being weighed and checked by the doctor, he was taken to Joshua House, fed and bathed (which he did not like!).

The next day, we visited him and played ball…something he likes to do and puts a smile on his face. All of the boys at the Joshua stood around him as he threw the ball (and cheered for him) several times he broke out into a smile and once he gave me a big, belly laugh. At one point, he started wandering off towards his dorm and I followed, to be sure he knew where he was going. He walked into his dorm, his house mom sitting at the table. He stood at the door and she said, “Jackson, sweetie, come to mamma!” He instantly entered and sat on her lap–someone he could trust and knew would love him.

Please pray for Jackson; both his physical and emotional healing.

“Whether it be in our body
Or the hurt within our soul,
He will touch the point of need
And will truly make us whole

His healing is there for you
Just receive it from the Lord,
Believe upon the living word
That you can be restored.” M.S.Lowndes