Clonard Blanc

If you’ve ever visited us in Haiti, no doubt you’ve met Clonard. She’s one of those impressionable girls that you never seem to forget….oh, wait…that would all of the girls.

Though she is small in size she makes up for her stature in a rough-and-tumble personality with a dash of sweetness. Although you wouldn’t expect that from someone who has seen the travesties and cruelty that she has. Clonard has seen, experienced, and been through much more than any nine year old should have to face.  The details of her story are not very clear, but like several other girls at the CCH, Clonard had been in a restavek situation. If you recall our last post about Willienne, children who are restavek situations are victims of domestic slavery. When she first came to the Center she had scars, sores, and marks from beatings she had endured from her owners. Thankfully, the police and Human Services removed her from the situation into a safer environment for her own health and safety. Despite all of her hardship, she carries an infectious laugh and a beaming smile.

Zachery remembers her arrival at the Center:  There had been a discussion at stopping at 50 girls and at the time the Center was already busting at the seams with 53 girls—three over the maximum capacity. Human Services contacted Eddy about a girl that they needed to find a safe place for and Eddy met with them at the Center. Zachery remembers Clonard arriving with the HS staff and showing Eddy her scars, marks, and bruises. Eddy smiled, looked at her and said, “Come with me, I’ll show you to your room.” From that day forward, Clonard never had to fear another malicious beating or abuse.

Clonard likes to jump on the trampoline, laugh, color pictures, sing in church, attend Bible Study, and hold the babies from the James 1:27 Village.