We’ve had quite a few people ask us for an update, especially concerning Baby DeRoos, and I realize that we haven’t been as diligent in writing frequent updates as I had hoped….so here is my attempt (plus some other fun pictures!)

We will be returning to the States the 27th of April, first to Maryland for two weeks and then to Alta, Iowa for the remainder of our stay. We don’t currently have a return date-but our hope is to be back in Haiti by the early fall. Since Baby DeRoos is due in the beginning of July, that will give us several months to prepare for our return.

24 weeks.

We would love to connect with you or your church while we are home, so please contact us!

photo 1(9).JPG
Winner for the most girls on his lap at one time. Best seat in the house.
photo 2(5).JPG
This is Ruth. She has the best sense of humor I’ve ever seen for a preschooler, she’s tough, and she’s got the best laugh.
photo 4(2).JPG
Last week we visited the Center of Help with a team.