We’ve recently shared how encouraging Sunday evening Bible Studies have been. At Bible studies with the younger children (we have a crowd of 50 kids, ages 12 and under) we’ve recently talked about temptation, sin, and righteousness. With the teenagers ( a crowd of about 20, ages 13 and up) we’ve recently talked about alcoholism, peer pressure, and purity. Our most recent study with the teenagers happened last Sunday. We talked about the importance of purity, what it means, and we were encouraged by the discussion and questions the teens asked! It was sweet because a few of them were pretty bashful to talk about “the talk,” and as such there was a lot of giggling.

Purity, of any kind, whether physical or emotional, isn’t a widely practiced concept in Haiti. In a culture where a small percentage of couples marry, it would almost be a foreign concept. Which is why it has been our desire to train these young men and women with the tools to help them battle impurity. Some of the questions they asked were:

  • What if you already lost your purity, is it too late?
  • What important things should be saved for your future spouse?
  • Are having friends of the opposite gender, okay?

We were so encouraged by their openness and the discussions that were provoked. Please continue to pray for the young men and women in Haiti–we’re excited to see what this New Year has in store for them!

On a side note…in one week we leave for the US for Christmas. We’ll miss our Haitian family here, but we’re looking forward to reuniting with family for Christmas and the New Year (and enjoying cold weather!) As we prepare to leave Haiti for the States, please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about Haiti while we are stateside. We’ll be in the US for exactly one month and would love to reconnect with some of our faithful supporters and friends!