thanksgiving /θaŋksɡɪvɪŋ,θaŋksˈɡɪvɪŋ/


1.the expression of gratitude, especially to God.


1. God – How could we not reserve #1 for God? After all, the purpose and ministry we have would be nothing without Him. He is our driving force, our glue, our compass, and our comfort.

2. Each Other – We’re grateful to be in Haiti together, it’s been really impactful for our marriage, and we’re excited to see how God will continue to grow us together while serving here.

3. Family – Our family is a huge support system for us, we are grateful for the notes, the prayers, the emails, the Skype chats, and the packages. Family is so important to us and we’re grateful for the blessing that they are to us.

4. Health – When you visit a clinic and see the overwhelming need, you suddenly realize how much a blessing good health is. Minor sniffles are nothing compared to cholera or malaria. We’re grateful to have a clinic on the premises of the CCH and to have friends who run clinics, treating and healing those in need.

5. Food – When the vast majority of the Haitian people don’t eat three meals a day, suddenly food is a huge blessing. Sitting in a restaurant, listening to the whispers of street kids asking for food, makes you realize how even in a third world country, we’ve got it pretty good.

6. Water – Living in the US you don’t really think twice about sanitary water. Sure, it might be gross to drink out of a public water fountain…but not because you’re afraid the water might contain bacteria or cause cholera. If we buy a water bottle off the streets, we don’t really think about the source of water, where it came from, how long it’s been sitting, etc. In Haiti it’s important to be cautious about your water sources because one swig from the wrong place could have you pretty sick. That’s why water purification ministries are so important to development in Haiti.

7. Electricity – Another luxury we easily take for granted in the USA power outage in the middle of a snow storm better not last more than a few hours—don’t the power companies realize we have internet work to do and television to watch? In Haiti, we’re blessed to have solar power, which allows us to sleep with a fan at night, and is dependable for constant electricity. But in Haiti it isn’t uncommon to find people who live without electricity—they survive with candles, flashlights, and fires.

8. Internet – Again, yet another luxury that we’re really thankful for. Internet is our main means of communication, either through Skype, emails, or blog posts! We are grateful to be able to use it to stay connected.

9. The Kids – Wow. These kids that we get to work with on a daily basis make life so much fun. We’re blessed to be able to be in their lives, building relationships, and making memories! It’s a joy to be here and we’re excited to see how God will continue to impact their hearts for His glory.