Already, the goal of writing every week is bombed. I thought about it numerous times this week, even sat down to start, and never finished a post.

Today, I did finish.

We’ve had quite a busy past two weeks—starting with the arrival of a dental team from Clear Lake. Followed by two other teams, one dental and one not. It was a busy week with three teams on the ground, coordinating meals, leading the teams, coordinating projects, and working at the dental clinic.

photo 3(4)
Some of our “excited” patients. . .

The first day of clinic was exciting for the team as they planned to work on the teeth of the children in the school and Center. With a few hundred children going to school it was a huge task, especially with many members of the community wanting dental care. The second dental team finished a a large portion of the children (and staff) and will see the remainder of the patients in February when they return.

photo 4(2)
One of the first patients waiting to be seen was a young man from the Joshua House who had a “sore tooth.” The true diagnosis by the dentists was an abscess, which was swollen and badly infected. This young man was blessed by the dentist’s ability to assess his condition and alleviate his pain–just a few days later we saw him smiling and very happy that the problem was being remedied.
We are so thankful for the teams that came this past week, and the work that was accomplished.