When we decided to start writing this blog, our goal was to update it at least once a week. I had images of artistic pictures, funny quotes, and creative stories. But finding the time to sit down and write a post has been a challenge… let alone remember to take pictures. But I’ve got a few so that’s all that matters.

Actually, the title of this post is the creole word for, “busy.” Which by definition, explains exactly what this week has been. A good busy, though.

This week, we attended church at the Center and then went to church at the Village of Hope. Attending church at the Village has been a fun experience, not because they have great music or comfortable chairs or a beautiful church. Quite the opposite is true, which is what makes the VOH a joyful church experience. They aren’t fancy with their instruments or their worship, they have very basic needs, and yet there is authenticity in their worship and a genuine spirit about their leaders.


On Monday, which is usually Bible Study night, we surprised the girls by showing up for Bible Study. You’re probably doubting us right now, thinking the missionaries surprised the girls by showing up?  I know that sounds bad. But wait…
Zachery’s parents usually lead Bible Study on Monday evenings and since their departure to the U.S. last week, everyone assumed Bible Study would probably be on pause until they returned in a few weeks. Bible Study is something that the girls look forward to every week and we felt like they shouldn’t miss out. It was a fun evening and Zachery is a natural with the girls and knows just how to engage the older ones who think they’re too old to sing J-E-S-U-S. But after the fun and games, Zachery asked the girls to give him a recap of the sermon on Sunday as well as a point of application. Talk about a herd of deer in the headlights! After a few minutes of giggling, one of the older girls stood up and gave a wonderful answer. Let’s see how they do next week!
Please continue to pray for the men, women, and children we serve in Haiti!