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Over the course of the week, Zachery and I would say to one another, “We should blog about this…” or, “This would make a good blog post.” Hence, the 5 “Things” post. Why, limit your post to one discovery?

1. When you get married a lot changes—names changes, joint accounts, address change, etc. When you get married in Haiti—even more changes. Our first week in Haiti has been full of changes. Serving in a country, married versus single, is vastly different. No longer are you worried about just your plans, but his, hers, and our plans. You work as a ministry team—no longer singular—but plural embracing the design God has set for a husband and wife. It’s been such a joy to walk hand-in-hand with my soul mate as we embark on this new journey together!

2. Recently, Zachery and I were visiting the Joshua House and one of the older boy’s was playfully swinging his arm. Quickly, he was jokingly reprimanded by the facility supervisor to stop. Apparently, in Haitian culture, when a man becomes married, he can no longer consider himself an equal with young men—with marriage comes a new level of respect. Who would’ve thought!

3. Haitian time is a whole new time zone. Emphasis added. This means church services, appointments, lines, travel, business hours are at a whole new dimension. This wasn’t really a new discovery for us, but a lesson we’ve learned over and over. When we first arrived we had hoped to move into our new home right away—but it turned out that God had other plans in mind. At this point, we’ll be waiting for a few more weeks before we can make the move.

4. Every couple should make curtains for their house…..within the first six months of marriage. A true test.  Just like every couple should take a canoe ride (upstream) on their honeymoon (…another story). Recently, Zachery and I have taken upon the task of making curtains for our new house and which has proven to be quite the challenge! In two hours, we got one panel done—so from this point forward we’re really hoping to decrease the amount of time.

5. Keeping the Word fresh in your mind is important. It’s very easy to become disconnected with the Word during business. It’s even easier to forget to pray, forget to memorize, and forget to give thanksgiving to God for his blessings. I’ve learned to appreciate and savor the minutes Zachery and I spend together in the morning, before a busy day, reading and praying God’s Word.

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At the Joshua House

Please keep us in your prayer as this week we start teaching Sunday evening service for the boys and girls.

P.S. The answer to our FB Question is….Coconut! During the hottest part of the day All day the body perspires and drinking coconut water is a great way to re-hydrate and replenish your body of much needed electrolytes.